Friday, June 21, 2013

1957 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 88

If you do assume a fuel injected chevy bel air was the highest as out to the general motors luxury/performance food chain in 1957, permit me to introduce define Oldsmobile golden rocket 88 in the j2 371 cuenginesch engine. Since 1957, the basic 88 was officially named golden rocket 88, taken from olds’ 1956 Motorama two-passenger show car. Though, the ultimate badging identifying it as such was a straightforward “88” beneath every taillight. 1957 additionally offered the “J2” choice, with 3 2-barrel carburetors atop the 371 cubic inch v8 ; creating this a real luxury performance car before we even knew this type factor existed. 
It`s Very old look Car......
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